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Corporate Training

YouSucceed has a successful history of behavioral & performance enhancement training. Our CEO Mr Raj Das is a New Age Performance Enhancement coach who helps individuals, groups, teams and organizations find the right solutions in the workplace. His mission is to help you raise productivity, performance, and overall satisfaction in all areas of your life.

He is a certified life coach with a dual Masters’ in Management Studies from Greenwich University and University of Westminster, UK. After which he has worked as a trainer/ coach/ consultant to various organizations both in India & the UK.

Our philosophy at YouSucceed is: “we listen first, and then seek to understand before offering solutions that’ll truly meet your objectives in achieving tangible results. And we assure you of cost effective & best value solutions that will ideally fit your organization culture”.

Corporate Training Programs

We at YouSucceed usually conduct Corporate Training in two forms and focus on three aspects such as:Strategy, Organisational Change and Behavioural Developments. One on One (Executive coaching/ Business Mentoring) In Groups of 10 or less/more (EDP or MDP)

We provide both off the shelf as well tailor made training programs after conducting Training Needs Analysis (TNA) of your organization. Following is a list of training programs we provide.

21st Century Business communication & Etiquette (18 hrs)

This involves all sorts of interactions in a business house e.g. Teleconferencing, memos, face-to-face meetings, agenda, reports, manuals, interviews, group discussion, speeches e-mail, and PowerPoint presentations.

When a person gets into employment for the first time s/he gets confused with the corporate culture and finds it very difficult to learn the corporate etiquette which is otherwise also known as business etiquette.

It’ll involve - Hand shake, Interview etiquette, Mobile etiquette, Telephone etiquette, Office etiquette, Dress code, Giving business card, Dining etiquette, Handling people, International business etiquette, Email etiquette, etc.,

Time management (6 hrs)

This area may cover topics such as Barriers to time management, Principles to time management, Self management, Avoiding paper trap, Organizing your day, Effective delegation, planning in advance, managing your time and hence managing stress etc.

Leadership skills (6 hrs)

This area helps you discover the leader within you. Facts of being firm but fare leader, Creating a win-win situation. Leading by example. Expanding your ability to deliver better by creating a happy and energetic atmosphere within.

Problem Solving (6 hrs)

This area may cover topics such as eliminating obstacles in an innovative manner through paradigm shift and adding new problem solving patterns to your way of thinking.

Stress management (6 hrs)

This area may cover topics such as Pressure & Performance Management, Common Causes of Stress, The Symptoms of Excess Stress, Personal Stress Audit, Identifying Pressure at Work & Home, how communication helps de-stress, Identifying & helping other to cope with stress, Link between Good Communication and Decreased Stress, etc

Decision making (6 hrs)

This area may cover topics such as preparing to make decision, fundamentals of decision making, defining and planning decisions, logical decision making VS Emotional decision making, understanding yours and others needs, avoiding overconfidence, managing overconfidence, learning from the results of your and others decisions, knowing your options and deciding on the best, etc

Manage Information skills (6 hrs)

This area may cover topics to help you manage information better by improving your reading skills, techniques to make notes for clarification of data generated, reviewing techniques to keep data fresh in your mind.

Effective Planning (Individuals / Managers) (6 hrs)

This area may cover topics to Understand the importance of prioritization and planning, Understand the difference between being Busy and being Effective, Strategic Planning and Time Management Tools, Planning and organizing as a team.

Communication Skills (Communicate to deliver - Communicate for results) (12hrs)

Communication Skills training covers topics such as verbal & written communication, Barriers in communication & dealing with them, write & read more clearly & accurately.

Presentation skills & Public Speaking (12 hrs)

Presentation skills training may cover topics such as effective speaking, Steps to successful presentation, Know your audience, Prepare the presentation material, Prepare self, Presenter’s nightmare, Mind your body language, Handling questions, presenting to a technical audience, teleconferencing and video conferencing presentations etc.

Positive attitude (6 hrs)

Positive Attitude training may cover topics such as understand the benefits of a Positive Attitude, Understand the power of the mind and use it to its best advantage, Recognize negativity in their self and in others and act accordingly, how to slowly change negative mind set, how to be optimistic in life etc.

Inter-personal skills (6 hrs)

Inter-personal Soft Skills training may cover topics such as inter-personal communication, self-assertiveness, turning into others, emphatic communication, managing conflicts, creating win-win situations, issues and challenges faced in day to day work and life, setting personal and professional action plans for assertiveness.

Team Building - Working in teams (soft skills at work) (12 hrs)

Team Building training may cover topics such as Defining team, understanding team, trusting team members, sharing & caring, motivating team members, team work, avoid conflicting with team members, using your self esteem for positive performance of team etc.

Assertive Sales (Not Aggressive Sales) (24 hrs)

It can help in developing a sales strategy that can help you create more sustained sales success in your organization. Selling skills training may cover topics such as Marketing self skills, Assertive selling Vs Aggressive Selling, customer service skills, professional selling, selling to major accounts, managing the sales force, customer orientation, handling difficult customers, developing a customer service culture, handling communication with customers, etc.


We have a long list of successful clients both in India and the UK:

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