• YS Launches its Soft Skills Program for the general students
  • Exclusive Training Program for BTECH/MCA Students
  • YS Stands against Global Warming
  • YS Lanuchs new Carrer Program

CEO’s Desk

“Education is not a luxury; it is a responsibility that society owes to itself”. As we are entering a new era, where internet has proved to be a powerful medium that breaks down geographical boundaries and social media has made our lives richer. We are still a long way to go in enriching lives of those millions who live below poverty and without a square meal a day.

As individuals we are fortunate enough to have the privileges of education, work and a good social life, it’s our turn to turn our attention to those less fortunate and provide those means of a richer livelihood. And all of this should and can be done in a profitable manner by the entrepreneur who sees this as an opportunity to innovate. This is definitely for people with a business mind and a social heart who can tap into this unprecedented opportunity by focusing on these unbanked millions at the Bottom of Pyramid. This will be a journey that will no doubt fetch anyone a good remuneration and recognition but also an intrinsic satisfaction of having touched lives of many people.

I welcome you on board this fascinating journey…..

P R Das