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Skills Development

“New and creative approaches are needed to convert poverty into an opportunity for all concerned”
- C K Prahalad –

What is this ?

80% of world’s wealth is confined within 20% of world’s population and the rest 80% are sharing a very small portion. There is hardly any opportunity for them to better their livelihoods. They live below poverty and can hardly feed their children let alone provide them education and other basic necessities. There have been a many programs to alleviate poverty and some might have met with some success. However still a huge amount of work needs to be done to address this global challenge

What we do ?

“Education is the first step towards permanently uplifting lives of the under privileged”. If we show & teach them how to earn their livelihoods, then they would become self-sufficient for the rest of their lives. And this will have a spiraling effect not only on their families but also on the people living in the same society.

How we do ?

As economy of a country progress, new forms of work environment and industry emerge. There is an ever increasing demand from these industries to have skilled manpower. And this leads to a huge gap in demand and supply.

On the other hand there are enough people in those countries without formal education or a permanent job. They mostly work for unstructured industries in an unregulated environment on temporary assignments. So an innovative approach will be to train these people in those domains where there is acute shortage of manpower. This will not only solve the manpower problem of those industries but will also give these under privileged an access to a structured work environment with better life prospects.

We have partnered with a many a training agencies, NGOS and corporates to achieve the same. We run training programs at our centers located in remote areas and provide skills development training based on the demands of our industry partners. So far we have trained and placed more than 1000 youth form BOP. And we aim to train and place another 3000 in the present year itself.